Why should I join?

Adtima Ignite is an annual program to seek and nurture young talents, give them a headstart to begin their career at Adtima, the number one premium publisher in Vietnam. Head over to adtima.vn to get a look at what we do!

Our 60-minutes test is to scan your strengths, most notably logical thinking, EQ, general knowledge, marketing knowledge, and English proficiency.

For each round, you'll have one week to work out a proposal with a partner. You will then present your proposal in front of the Judge Panel, and receive the results of your work.

Those who can work well with different types of people are highly valued. Therefore, your partner will be assigned randomly.

First of all, make sure to apply by Apr 05, 2019. We'll notify you if you are shortlisted to join our screening test, so keep an eye out for email from ignite@adtima.vn.

After passing the test, you are invited to join the next round(s), and details will be revealed in further updates.

Adtima is glad to offer top candidates positions that suit their talents. Not only you get to start your career in the number one premium publisher in Vietnam, you also receive valuable prizes for outstanding performance.