It’s time to disrupt

Are you a marketing student who desires to embrace challenge? Are you a passionate marketer-to-be who longs to break limits? If you say yes to either of both, join us! Adtima Ignite, the first marketing contest ever organized by a big tech brand in Vietnam, offers unique opportunities to clear out the old, making way for the new in marketing.

Who can join ?

Adtima Ignite 2018 is a marketing contest for

  • Undergraduates
  • Freshers (no more than 2-year working experience)

Contestant can ONLY register for the contest in a group of 3 members.

How to join ?

1 Form in group of 3 members (click here to register your team)

2 Submit your marketing proposal based on the challenge below.

Deadline for submission: 10 Jun 2018.



PromiseU - an edu-tech company - offers online courses from renounced universities and professors to everybody around the world. As long as you are connected to the Internet, you could access to courses and start learning from them.

As they are scaling up, they want to switch their business model from free to paid subscription. With 5000 free existing subscriptions from Vietnamese people, PromiseU consider Vietnam as a potential market and want to recruit more Vietnamese into using their services and convert current free subscription.


For the first round, each group is required to provide a marketing proposal which satisfy two following objectives of PromiseU:

  • Build brand awareness for PromiseU in Vietnam.
  • Increasing purchase intention of online course on PromiseU platform.

Campaign Duration: 6 months.


  • Context Analysis
  • Target Audience Analysis & Insights
  • Market Insights
  • Big Idea
  • Strategic Approach

Document submitted must be in pdf & no more than 20 pages/slides


ROUND 1 - Online Registration

Form in groups of 3 and work on the case study

14 May – 16 Jun
Deadline for Submission

Submit your proposal

17 Jun
Top 30 Result

Only 30 teams with the best results will move to Round 2

17 – 21 Jun
Round 2
  • Top 30 teams present in front of Judges.
  • 12 teams with the best results will move to Round 3
22 – 23 Jun
Round 3
  • Participate in workshop sessions
  • Get reallocated to new teams
  • Work on the 2nd case study under mentorship
26 Jun – 3 Jul
Final Round
  • Pitch and answer questions from judges.
  • Final result
4 Jul




Adtima Ignite 2018, which is hold from May 15, 2018 to Jul 4, 2018, is a marketing contest for student groups in Ho Chi Minh. Each group needs to be formed from 3 members.

ROUND 1: PROPOSING MARKETING CAMPAIGN (May 15, 2018 – Jun 17, 2018)

Participants need to submit marketing proposal based on Adtima test which is released on May 15. Participated groups will have to submit their proposals on contest website at

Submission must not be later than 23:59 Jun 17, 2018.

The result will be announced before Jun 23, 2018. Out of all participated groups, we will select 30 groups to go with us to the second round.

ROUND 2: PRESENTATION DAY (Jun 22, 2018 – Jun 23, 2018)

Each group in top 30 1st-round winner will join a presentation session at Adtima office. We will contact and arrange presentation session on Jun 20 – Jun 22, 2018. Each session will last around 25 minutes including:

  • Group’s Presentation: 15 minutes
  • Q&A: 10 minutes

Each group will be judged by Adtima based on published criteria.

The result will be announced on Jun 24 - Jun 25, 2018. Out of top 30 groups from the first round, we will select the best 12 groups to go with us to the final round.

ROUND 3: PITCHING (Jun 26, 2018 – Jul 4, 2018)

At this stage, all participated members will be separated from original group and randomly arranged to new ones, which aims to help increase their working flexibility.

3.1. Training

12 new groups will join two-day training workshop organized by Adtima to have a broader understanding of marketing strategy, communication channels and tactics. Workshops will be organized on Jun 26 and Jun 27, 2018. We will provide you mentors who will support the process of your learning.

3.2. Homework

After training, Adtima will release a final case on June 27. All participated teams will have 6 days to complete the homework. Feel free to contact your arranged mentor for support.

Submission for round 3 have to be no later than 23:59 - Jul 3, 2018.

3.3. Pitching

On Jul 4, 2018, we will hold a pitching day for 12 groups to pitch their ideas and proposals in front of all judges. One pitch sessions will also include 2 parts:

  • Presentation: 15 minutes
  • Q&A: 10 minutes

There will be 4 prizes granted to 4 TEAMS with the best performances. For more information for each type of prize, please refer to the first part of this regulation.


  • Adtima Ignite is only open for Undergraduates (has to be either junior or senior) or freshers (people who has no more than 2-year working experience).
  • 12 teams who proceed to round 2 (Final Round) will be qualified to participate in round 3 – organized on 04/7/2018, only when ALL team members are present at the event.
  • Contestant will ONLY register for a team composed of 3 members. One contestant can only be in ONE team.
  • Participants in one team can come from DIFFERENT universities or colleges.
  • No restriction on university major.
  • Ambassadors, Organizing Team and those who work for Exclusive Sponsor and Strategic Partners of Adtima Ignite cannot join the contest.


  • Free entrance.
  • All materials submitted must be in English.
  • All materials submitted must be participants’ own work and must not be under the submission of other competitions. Any duplication of outside sources must be referenced properly to avoid plagiarism.
  • The Organizing Team reserves the right to use all data, entries, photographs, and other submitted materials without the permission of the entrants.
  • The Organizing Team cannot be held responsible for entries lost, delayed, mislaid or any technical failure of online submission. A confirmation email will be sent if a team’s submission for every round is successful.
  • The Organizing Team reserves the right to prohibit entry or exclude any teams from the competition if we believe that they abuse the rules and regulation listed above. We will give you warning within 24 hours of our decisions.
  • These rules are subject to change without notice.
  • By entering this contest, you accept the terms herein and agree to be bound by the rules and regulations listed above. Entrants further agree to be bound by the decisions of the Judging Panel and the Organizing Team, which shall be final and binding in all respects. Any concerns, conflicts or disputes MUST be sent to the Organizing team via this email: …


  • Candidates must obey the copyright laws and not violate the copyrights of any other third parties. The Organizer is not responsible for any breach by the contestant.
  • The Organizing Team reserves the right to publish and display the Project, using its content and images for publicity, promotion and non-payment purposes. 
  • The Organizing Team reserves the right to use the ideas of the contestants in their future campaigns.

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